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Courses and Retreats
Meditation & Holiday Retreat
A Meditation & Holiday Retreat on the beautiful car-free island Silba in Croatia - for advanced meditators and beginners
Shakti Yoga Meditation
On this course you can learn Mantra-Meditation for daily Practice at home - for beginners

Shakti Yoga Intensive
This is a Weekend-Workshop with powerful Breathing Exercises, Krishna Kriya, Meditations and more... For advanced meditators and beginners
Mantra Course
Here you can learn chanting Mantras for different Purposes: Mantras for a Happy Life - for all

Timeline Healing
Personal Healing Sessions of around 1 1/2 hours for Healing Past Traumas, Breaking repetitive negative Pattern in your Life, Helping to manifest the best possible Future - for all
Jyotish Consultations
Individual Jyotish Sessions - Vedic Astrology - for all, who want to know more about their life

Yoga of Relationships
A Weekend- Workshop to improve your relationships – with yourself and others – for all

Yoga Sutra Course - TTC 1
An intensive Meditation Retreat for Advanced Meditators - with the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - in Theory and Practice. This Retreat is at the same time Teacher Training Course 1 (TTC 1) for Meditation Teachers and prerequisite for TTC 2
More information: English | Deutsch | pricelist
Teacher Training Course 2 - TTC 2
Professional Training for Meditation Teachers.
Required: Several Years of Meditation Practice and completion of TTC 1 (Yoga Sutra Course)
More information: English | Deutsch

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