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Great Divine Mother Goddess in Space
Great Divine Mother Goddess in Space
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Great Divine Mother Goddess in Space
The Great Goddess or Parashakti Devi is depicted as the Source of the universe, whose body is the universe. All worlds, Gods and Divine Beings are shown inside her as well as surrounding her. She is floating above the earth and blesses all beings, fulfilling their wishes.
Para means Transcendental, Shakti means Goddess and also Power. In this form she is the great Divine Feminine, also called Divine Mother, Para Brahman, Goddess Durga, the Mother of Universe.
She is the great Mother Goddess, all in One: Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Shakti and all others. In this auspicious form, Parashakti Devi manifests as Lakshmi, Parvati, and Prthivi, Mother Earth. She grants protection, fertility and establishment of Divine order, cultural creativity, duty, material abundance and spiritual fulfillment. Parashakti Devi also grants wisdom, learning, liberation and - if we ask for it - all desires, if they are good for us !
Her Mantra is: Aim Hreem Kleem Parashaktyai Namah
In Vastu or Feng Shui the benefits of this painting are: Good Fortune, Divine Blessing, Spirituality, Love, Healing, Wish-Fulfilment.
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