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The team
Ananda Vdovic
Ananda Vdovic
Ananda is a spiritual teacher and has taught Thousands of people different meditation programmes internationally since 1975. She holds an arts degree from Hamburg University, and is also one of the architects of Sri Sri Ravi Shankars Ashram in Bangalore.
Ananda is also a visionary artist for mainly spiritual and religious subjects, and a singer. Her albums with peaceful, meditative chanting are used worldwide in spiritual centres, Yoga Centres and retreats.
Ananda also founded the spiritual teaching of Shakti Yoga – the Path of Power, teaching programmes for self-development together with Davor Vdovic and her trained teachers in different countries.

Davor Vdovic
Davor Vdovic
For 30 years Davor has been a dedicated student of different spiritual paths such as Transcendental Meditation, Shiva Yoga, Rebirthing, Reiki and the Art of Living. He met Dr. Deepak Chopra in 1990 and attended his seminars on Ayurveda. He is also an experienced rebirthing teacher.
Davor has advised thousands of people over 30 years in Jyotish – Vedic Astrology, as well as Western Astrology. Since 2001, Davor combines in his consultations his expertise on the Trinity of Vedic knowledge: Ayurveda, Jyotish and Vastu (Indian Feng Shui). He has also advised many people on their partnerships in partner compatibility sessions.
Davor is also a musician and the producer and arranger of Anandas new CDs.
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Vera Atlantia
Vera Atlantia
Vera is an Austrian artist. Her art reflects the intimate connection to source and the deepening experience of spiritual awakening. She experiences the practice of painting, writing, meditation and chanting as gateways leading to higher dimensions.
Vera trained as a painting therapist in 2012 and initiated a regular painting workshop in Vienna, called “Soul Painter”. In 2015 Vera received training as a meditation teacher by Ananda and is now passing on the Vedic knowledge of mantras and meditation.
She also participated in the Mischtechnik-Seminars in Italy, where she met the Austrian master Prof. Ernst Fuchs. Vera Atlantia has facilitated numerous sacred art workshops internationally and currently teaches at the Academy of Visionary Art in Vienna.

Anna Szczesna
Anna Szczesna
Anna Szczesna was born and raised in Poland. She got her degree in English Studies from Szczecin University and spent several years living and working in the USA and the UK. Currently she is self-employed as a translator of books on yoga, spirituality and self-help and also sells spiritual products in her own on-line store. Anna has always been interested in spiritual art. Personally she is a happy mother of a beautiful son.

Marianne Barstein
Marianne Barstein
Marianne Katrine Barstein is gifted in music, art and literature and has an academic background having been a top student at various academic institutes. She holds a master degree in Nordic literature from the University of Oslo, has been a student at The School of Nansen, studied Art History, Aesthetic Theory and Architecture History at Humboldt and Freie University of Berlin and at the University of Bergen, as well as Law at the University of Oslo. She has worked as a journalist and artist, exhibited her art, shared her music, and published a poetic love story. She is currently teaching Language and Literature and Visual Arts at the International Baccalaureate program. She loves nature and has an eye for beauty. Ananda Vdovic is her key artistic focus. You may contact Marianne for any inquiries regarding Anandas Art.

Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne, the biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world

Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne
The biggest Transparent Gemstone painting in the world.

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